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Philippe Janvier & Lucia Moya





A Bit About Us

I am an artist from New York City currently residing in Northeast Ohio. I graduated from the New England School of Architectural Woodworking in (2004 East Hampton, Massachusetts). My wife Lucia and I started this business in 2012. We freelanced on the street the first 7 months and then started to participate in street fairs and small craft shows in the NY, NJ, CT Tristate area. In 2014 I won my first award in the great state of Massachusetts. Then I started traveling to other states around the east coast with much success.  

My medium is wood and my venue is Art and Craft shows and I have participated in over 600 shows and festivals and awarded 20 times in 11 States. (16) first place, (2) Best in Show, (2) Second Place Some of my closest friends and associates are extremely impressed with my work. I am so proud of my wife, Lucia, who has become a 3D artist apprenticed by me and helps out with everything we do. My baskets are the most Unique, Intricate, and Amazing piece of artwork  you will lay your eyes on.         


                                     "THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL TIME" 

After the pandemic we decided since we're getting older, and the woodworking has been rough on us throughout the years. We hired a few dedicated crafty people who are willing to learn and work with  us to keep this  basket party going!

Philippe Janvier



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